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This has been a long time coming, but I need to go ahead and make the public announcement about this.

After much consideration and some negative experiences in opening our doors to open registration, I believe it is time for us to scale back the scope of the server. Moving forward, we will be running the servers under an allow-list only situation and spinning down the public presence of Frantic Me.

COVID-19 and other events of this year have really put a damper on myself and the staff of the server, to the point that we (I) really let things slide as far as advertising.

The server will still be around, and you are welcome to bring friends in, but please ensure that we won't have to spend a lot of time moderating them. We, like you, are here to play as a hobby and the burden of fielding new players has grown increasingly unbearable.

The server is donor-supported through Christmas and I presently have donations disabled pending talking with everyone and seeking the best course of action.

I personally would be fine with dialing back the resources to the main vanilla server and fielding modded servers for a while. We have a fairly beefy machine for hosting and it can handle experiments until we find something more engaging for players.

If we reach Christmas and we haven't decided on something, I'll work with each player on the server to get you a schematic of your structures. We will also host the map for download (over 30GB).