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Dak Airship Invasion!


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This event was created and drafted by our very own madman General_Dakkar. Details, written by him, are below. Feel free to talk with him if you have any questions!

This is a Special Combat Event where you and your friends and allies will be put to the test against all odds and the legions of the Dak Army.

Many of the enemies in this event will be harder than normal, so do what ever it takes to defeat them. In this event, special lore items will be obtainable and some are exclusive only to this event!

WARNING!!! Many of the enemies in this event will take you're gear if you die and use it against you or others. Chance to lose gear so be careful.

Special Rules
  • You cannot build with in 20 blocks of the Airship and its Gunships. You can use Ender Pearls, Elytras, or the Gravity Cannons to get on top of them if you wish.
  • You can use lava and water buckets in anyway you see fit, Just don't use them to make a cobblestone path up to the airships ((You can use lava and water buckets near them if ya want)). You can also make 5 block pillars also and be out of reach if you wish to fight against them. ((There will be ranged enemies, might be dangerous)).
  • Try your best to not get other people's gear mixed up with others when several people die. The enemies have a chance to drop what they are wearing so there will be plenty around.
  • Rules are subject to change and I may add another rule if needed.
  • Have Fun!

The Event Phases.

In the event, There will be 4 massive waves of enemies ranging from 50-150 enemies per wave. Most of the enemies will be Iron Class enemies with some gold mixed in and a few Diamond class enemies. Each Wave will have 1 Dak Commander that spawns in near the end of the Wave. Use Team work to take down the Dak Commander, He is hard to kill and tough to beat and don't let him pick up any melee weapons. He is considered a Boss class enemy and don't let him single a person out. He is well known for doing that. Dak Commanders also Drop Lore Gear.

Special Waves!
 Besides the main siege event, There will be 3 special waves of about 5-10 enemies in each wave that will be harder then normal. These enemies will be carrying Lore items for the event and will be harder to kill then other enemies.

Elite Kill Squad Wave!
During the main Event, There will be 1 Elite Kill squad that will be deployed against everyone. This squad has 6-8 enemies in it. These enemies are classed as Emerald/Obsidian and they will also drop Lore based Gear. They are very hard to kill. Be careful!
Airship, Gunships, and the Final Boss

There will be 4 Gunships with 3 Gunship pilots each. Each of these Redstone/Mob Boss contraptions are considered a single entity.
The Main Airship will have 6 Pilots/Gun Turrets that need to be taken down before you are given a chance to fight the Final Boss.

Roshamikura, The Equalizer, The Final boss will spawn after the Airship defenses have been brought down. This Boss will spawn with a handful of minions equal to the number of players in the event. The Boss and all of her minions all drop Fully Enchanted Netherite Lore Gear, Be ready for a hard fight and I wish you guys the best of luck in the event. Lots of Lore gear to win and many enemies to defeat and lots of fun!